2021 Sermon Video

Date SpeakerSermon TitleVideo
12-26Pastor Ming YangThe Gospel According to Jesus: His Body is The Temple (John 2:13-22)Video
12-19Dr. Ben LimImmanuel: You Will Find Jesus There (Matthew 1:18-25)Video
12-12Pastor Ming YangThe Gospel According to Jesus: My Hour Has Yet to Come (John 2:1-11)Video
12-05Pastor Ming YangThe Gospel According to Jesus: The World Became Flesh (John 1:14, Luke 1:46-47)Video
11-28Pastor Ming YangGod Restores His Kingdom: Can These Bones Live? (Ezekiel 37:1-14)Video
11-21Dr. James Smith IIIThe Life Metrics of Divine Thanksgiving (Ephesians 4:7, Romans 12:3, Philippians 4:11-13, Philippians 4:19)Video
11-14Pastor Ming YangThe Restoration of the Kingdom: I will place over them one shepherd (Ezekiel 33:21, Ezekiel 34:23-27)Video
11-07Pastor Ming YangThe Restoration of the Kingdom: The unfailing grace of God (Ezekiel 33:7, Ezekiel 33:10-16)Video
07-18Pastor Robert ShearerBetter Together(Part 3)(Romans 12:9-21)Video
07-11Pastor Robert ShearerBetter Together(Part 2)(Mark 3:20-35)Video
07-04 Pastor Robert ShearerBetter Together(Part 1)(Galatians 5:13-26)Video 
06-27 Pastor Robert ShearerWhat's My Job?! Work Is Good(Genesis 1:32-2:3)Video
06-20 Pastor Robert ShearerGame Changer(Part 10) This or That(Matthew 7:13-29)Video
06-13 Pastor Robert ShearerGame Changer(Part 9) Right Relationships(Matthew 7:1-12)Video
06-06 Pastor Robert ShearerThe Second Miracle(John 4:43-54)Video
05-30 Pastor Robert ShearerGame Changer(Part 8) Remembering Rest(Genesis 1:26-2:3)Video
05-23 Pastor Robert ShearerGame Changer(Part 7) Pick One! (Matthew 6:19-34)Video
05-16 Pastor Robert ShearerGame Changer(Part 6) Hey, look at me (Matthew 6:1-18)Video
05-09 Pastor Robert ShearerGame Changer(Part 5) Expansion Pack (Matthew 5:17-48)Video
05-02 Pastor Robert ShearerGame Changer(Part 4) Salty & Lit (Matthew 5:13-16)Video
04-25 Pastor Robert ShearerGame Changer(Part 3) When It Hurts(Matthew 5:10-12)Video
04-18Pastor Robert ShearerGame Changer(Part 2) Who's your pastor(Matthew 5:7-9)Video
04-11Pastor Robert ShearerThe lengths we go(Part 1)  (Matthew 5:3-12)Video
04-04Pastor Robert ShearerEaster Sunday (John 20)Video
03-28Pastor Robert ShearerResponding to GOD(Part 6) (Romans 7:7-25)Video
03-21Pastor Robert ShearerResponding to GOD(Part 5) (Ephesians 1:3-14)Video
03-14Pastor Robert ShearerResponding to GOD(Part 4) (Ephesians 4:1-16)Video
03-07Pastor Robert ShearerResponding to GOD(Part 3) (Psalm 88)Video
02-28Pastor Robert ShearerResponding to GOD(Part 2) (Romans 12:3-8)Video
02-21Pastor Robert ShearerResponding to GOD(Part 1)(Romans 12:9-21)Video
02-14Pastor Robert ShearerWho is GOD? (Part 6) (1 John 4:7-21)Video
02-07Pastor Robert ShearerWho is GOD? (Part 5) (Luke 15:11-32)Video
01-31Pastor Robert ShearerWho is GOD? (Part 4) (Acts 17:16-34)Video
01-24Pastor Robert ShearerWho is GOD? (Part 3) (Deuteronomy 10:17)Video
01-17Pastor Robert ShearerWho is GOD? (Part 2) (1 John 3:1)Video
01-10Pastor Robert ShearerSuffering (Book of Job)Video
01-03Pastor Robert ShearerWho is GOD? (Part 1) (1 Kings 18:25-39)Video


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