Glory Missions Ministries

Acts 1:8
By God’s grace, active participation and prayer support of GCCSD members and many others, the missions ministry takes shape in the following active area:
  • Bi-annual Missions conference aiming at raising mission awareness and building the theological foundation for mission ministries among GCCSD members
  • Bi-annual Evangelistic meeting/Gospel Camp focusing on spreading the Gospel to the non-believers
  • Local Evangelism through various outreach activities and fellowship studies  
  • Annual community services such as Salvation Army Christmas Dinner Serving program and Samaritan’s Purse shoebox project
  • Annual short-term missions trip
Besides the active missions, GCCSD continues to support missionaries all over the world who focus on cross-culture, cross-ethnic-boundary and cross-geographical-distance missions work.
Rev. Stephen Ho

Rev. Stephen Ho was born and raised in Hong Kong. He accepted Christ while attending middle school and was later called to full time ministry. After graduating from high school, Rev Ho enrolled in Hong Kong Overseas Theological Seminary and graduated in 1975. Rev. Ho came to the United States and attended Wheaton College, University of Wisconsin and Western Theological Seminary. He received Master’s Degree in Old Testament (1985), Master’s Degree in Hebrew (1988) and PhD in Evangelism (2009).

Rev Ho served in Philippines, Myanmar, South Korea and Thailand for many years and taught at several seminaries in Asia. He is now serving as the Vice Director of Gospel Operations International.

Rev. Jamie and Mimi Taylor

Rev. Jamie Taylor grew up in Taiwan. After he graduated from Asbury Theological Seminary in 2012, he served in Chinese Bible Church of Greater Boston and Campus Evangelical Fellowship in Taiwan. Mimi Taylor completed her studies in vocal performance at Soochow University and taught at China Evangelical Seminary and three other schools in Taiwan.

Currently they are serving at OMF International in Asia and work tirelessly to bring the Gospel, cross cultural evangelism training and bible teaching to China and overseas Chinese communities. Moreover, Jamie shuttles between evangelical front line and supporting churches, preaching the importance of evangelism and bringing the vision and needs of the front line to supporting organizations. Rev. Jamie and Mini Taylor have three children, James, Selina and Joy. Rev Jamie Taylor is the great-great grandson of J. Hudson Taylor.

Rev. Mark and Mrs. Ruth Harbour (Taiwan)

Rev. Mark and Mrs. Ruth Harbour served with SEND International in Taiwan for 31 years and joined Visions Made Viable in Feburary 2016. They first arrived in Taiwan on November 9 1993 and since then, they had the privilege of planting five churches in Taiwan.  From 1997 to 2010, Rev. Harbour taught Church History at several schools, including Taosheng Seminary and Hakka Mission Seminary.  Mrs. Harbour helped translate LifeWay Resources "A Journey of Faith," and is training others in the use of FAITH tools and principles to perform evangelism and conduct visitations.   Rev. Harbour served several years in area administration.  

In 2010, when he was the Area Director for SEND international, God gave him the vision of "Taiwan Harvest 119" after over a year of study to determine the neediest areas of churches in Taiwan. Since March 2013, the Harbours left their Taichung City home and moved to the countryside of Dalin in Chiayi County (pop. 33,000).  They serve alongside national pastor Caspar Liou, to plant the Good Neighbor Caring Center in Dalin. Currently Rev. Harbour leads the missions team locally and from overseas to turn the vision of "Taiwan Harvest 119" into reality.

Rev. Jonathan Chiu

Rev. Jonathan Chiu was born in China and raised in Taiwan. He graduated from National Taiwan University in 1964 and joined Campus Crusade for Christ in Taiwan since January 1966. He was appointed National Director of Taiwan Campus Crusade for Christ from 1976 to 1989. While serving with CCC in Taiwan, Rev. Chiu was also actively involved with Nationwide evangelistic campaigns as "Here's Life Campaign" (1977 Evangelism '80. He was also elected the Chairman for CCOWE Committee in Taiwan (1976 - 1989), Lausanne Committee member representing Taiwan (1986-1989). Rev. Chiu was also the senior pastor of Bible Baptist Taipei Tabernacle Church in Taipei from 1979-1989.

Rev. Chiu and his family moved from Taiwan to the US in 1989. He served as the Senior Pastor of Atlanta Chinese Christian Church in Atlanta, GA from June 1989 to August 2002. He is now the General Director of USA Care Ministries International

Missionary Marian Li

 Marian was Born in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, then immigrated to Japan with family at age 5, there she went to school and grew up. Her whole family eventually settled down in Taiwan. After high school, Marian immigrated to Northern America to further her study and work, until this day.

In 2004, while praying God placed a burden for Cambodia in Marian’s heart, and called her to ministry through the scripture from Isaiah 6:8b, “Whom shall I send? And who will go for us? ” Then I said, ‘Here am I. Send me!

During early 2006, Marian had an opportunity to get involved with a missionary organization to work in Cambodia; henceforth, she had many more opportunities to travel to Cambodia for either short-term mission or practical training. Through such experience she feels closer to this suffering country. Thank God for opening up Marian’s eyes to see the deepest desire and needs of Cambodian, which is God’s love. In response to God, Marian prayed the same prayer as Apostle Peter, “Silver or gold I do not have, but what I have I give you.” Yes, I do not have either gold or silver, I can only give them what I have, which is God’s love, so they may know God, and they may have a life with hope and joy. This too is Marian’s burden for the Cambodian. Only Jesus can save people from oppression and bondage, people that are living in the power of the darkness; only Jesus can fill the void in their hearts and mind, and satisfy those seekers with joy, everlasting life, and the hope of God’s presence.

After 2006’s short-term mission in Cambodia, Marian enrolled in Logos Evangelical Seminary in response to God’s calling, and during 2007, she partnered with USA Care Ministries International as one of their co-workers. After graduation from seminary, she became a missionary in Cambodia in December of 2010.

Shalom and Felise Alaichamy

Shalom and Felise Alaichamy are currently working at Wycliffe Bible Translators as Regional Coordinators for a region in Southeast Asia. From 2014, Shalom started a study program in Psychology. Shalom and Felise will remain as regional coordinators until 2019, at which point the Alaichamys will move into a counseling role with Wycliffe.

Alan Yu

Alan is a San Diego native, who graduated from San Diego State University. Alan was one of the first students to get involved with Campus Outreach on the West Coast. While attending SDSU, Alan became a Christian during his freshman summer on his first Leadership Project with CO in Myrtle Beach, SC. After graduating from SDSU with a BS in Physical Therapy, Alan decided to continue to invest in and help other college students grow in their walk with God. Alan is serving on staff with COSD at UC San Diego.  

Francisco Camacho

Olive Tree Children's Ministries was founded as a 501(c)(3) in May of 2002 to provide care to needy children in the Ensenada, Baja Mexico community. Francisco and Elva Camacho are the local missionaries who, with the help of their family, local churches and short term mission groups supplement children and their families with basic needs.

Weekly over 200 children are fed, and provided spiritual and educational guidance. Additionally, clothing, blankets, school materials, food for the families, medical and dental care are distributed by the Camacho Family and short term mission groups who arrive to work with Olive Tree Children's Ministries.

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