Our Pastors

Pastor Aaron Lee

Mandarin Pastor

Pastor Aaron Lee was born in Taiwan and raised in a Christian family. He had the heart to serve our Lord since he was young. Pastor Lee immigrated to Canada in 1982. He received his Master's Degree from the University of Western Ontario and joined Air Canada as a full-time employee. A few years later, he felt God’s calling to be a full-time minister so he left Air Canada to fulfill the calling. He attended and graduated from Tyndale University College and Seminary and became an ordained pastor. 

Between 2000 and 2008, Pastor Lee served as senior pastor at Mississauga Chinese Christian Church. He was also involved in the planting of Burlington Chinese Christian Church and Milton Chinese Baptist Church, in Ontario, Canada. Pastor Lee has also served as a missionary with SEND International Canada; he participated in missionary work in Siberia and other Russian cities  including Krasnoyask, Khbarovsk, and Vladivostok. In 2008, Pastor Lee began his ministries in Southern California.

Pastor Ming Yang

Caring Pastor

Pastor Ming graduated from National Taiwan University majored in Medical Technology in the 70s. He came to US in 1980 and received Ph.D. from the Washington University in Seattle in 1986. He received Christ and was baptized on May 1989. 

In 2001 he and his family joined the Glory Christian Church of San Diego (GCCSD) and served in various lay leader capacities. In 2003, he and his wife, Yeasing went to Bethel Seminary in San Diego. They received the Master of Divinity (Ming) and Master of Theological Studies (Yeasing) in 2012 and 2011 respectively. They were ordained as ministers in July 2012. In 2012, Pastor Ming serves as Intern Pastor at the Chinese Community Church in Tierrasanta, San Diego, CA. In Jan. 2013, Pastor Ming responded to Lord’s calling and became the Interim English Pastor of GCCSD.

Pastor Ming’s special burden is to lead people fully to God with all wisdom through prayer and discipleship. Pastor Ming has a daughter and a son.

Pastor Robert Shearer

Pastor Robert Shearer

English Pastor

Pastor Robert and his wife Shari are true San Diego natives. While they both grew up in separate areas of San Diego county, each of them graduated from one of the universities here in San Diego; Pastor Robert from SDSU and his wife Shari from UCSD. They are deeply committed to being the demonstration of God’s love to San Diegans, and feel that this is where He has placed them to be a light in the darkness. San Diego has always been a place that they’ve strived to make better. As social workers, they met while working at the same agency serving older adults. Theirs is a love that is always concerned for the well-being of those marginalized groups, and can only be rivaled by the love they have for one another and the love for their two daughters Claire and Julietta.


During his career, Pastor Robert was called out of a life of social work and into a life of vocational ministry. Initially there was resistance, as he didn’t believe himself to be “Christian enough” for such a calling. But the Lord was persistent. Answering the call, Pastor Robert began serving in various capacities in church ministry, which ultimately lead him to enter seminary. Pastor Robert ultimately completed his seminary education, earning him a Master of Divinity, and ordination. His seminarian journey has deepened his relationship with God, through the faith in Jesus, and is constantly transforming him through the indwelling of the Holy Spirit.


Pastor Robert loves to be around people. He’s a bit of an extrovert, but does enjoy the silence and solitude from time to time. He also loves the table-time conversations that go along with sharing a meal together. Which of course means that Pastor Robert loves food. Especially the sweets! Pastor Robert is a movie lover through and through. He enjoys the movie theater just as much as watching a movie on the couch. Finally, Pastor Robert is an amateur pool player, and loves to play pool as much as possible. Some of the most honest conversations happen around the pool table.


Pastor Robert looks forward to expanding his family circle by your inclusion. He would love to meet you, and have the honor of walking with you through life. Nothing pleases him more than to see people getting one step closer to God! 

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