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 Glory Christian Church of San Diego (GCCSD) was established in the summer of 1998, more than twenty years ago. It was started by a group of Chinese Christians who wanted to establish a unique community church in San Diego, a church that would glorify God by being faithful to His Word and a church that caters to the spiritual needs of Chinese immigrants and their English speaking offspring. The founding members wanted to fulfill the Great Commission of our Lord, Jesus Christ and expand our ministries to Asian Americans and others in our community. 

Rev. William A. Dale was our first senior pastor. His ministry with us started in September, 1998 and he helped establish the structure of our church. Rev. Dale started Friday Evening Bible Studies at First Baptist Church on Governor Drive on August 7th, 1998, and weekly Sunday worship at Miramar College on December 6th, 1998.

A steady growth followed, attracting both Mandarin speaking families and cross-cultural married couples. Activities designed to meet the needs of specific groups began to be incorporated in annual planning. GCCSD started operating with a full deacon board, under the guidance of the senior pastor, and developed ministries for various age groups and families.

After several months of searching, GCCSD moved to Activity Road in October, 2000. At this location, GCCSD provided weekly Sunday services in English and Mandarin as well as Bible studies and fellowship. We also conducted seminars and workshops, communion, baptism, evangelistic meetings, mission conferences, and many other events. 

Rev. Dale completed his ministry with us on June 23rd, 2002. Shortly afterwards, Dr. Gee Lowe accepted the calling and became GCCSD's second pastor. Dr. Lowe was ordained on Jan. 12th, 2003. Rev. Lowe brought the following vision to GCCSD:

  • A Bible teaching center
  • A caring center
  • A vibrant worship center
  • An active missions center

By the grace of the Lord, under Rev. Lowe's leadership, GCCSD became more active in our missions efforts. We grew from a church which supported missions through prayers and financial offerings to one that actively participated in the mission field and one that responded to the needs of local communities. Rev. Lowe completed his ministry at GCCSD on March 23rd, 2008.

      After Rev. Gee completed his ministries in GCCSD, Pastor Joe Wong accepted the position of Interim Pastor and the church called Emilian Mihet as our Youth Minister on November 1st, 2009. Pastor Mihet served GCCSD until September 30th, 2012. In October 2011, Rev. Aaron Lee became GCCSD's 3rd Mandarin Pastor and has been serving in this capacity since then. Due to the growing needs of the English congregation, Pastor Ming Yang took the position of Interim English Pastor until we called Pastor Dalon Chin as our English Pastor on July 1st, 2014. As the church recognized the importance of caring for our congregation and community, Pastor Ming Yang transitioned to the position of Caring Pastor on November 1st, 2014. 

      Praise the LORD! After years of prayers, we started our first worship in our current facility in Miramar on February 26th. 2017. We now have a permanent place to worship and to fellowship. Our new facility is located at 9888 Carroll Centre Rd, Suite 100, San Diego, CA 92126. 

      On August 25th, 2018, we celebrated our 20th anniversary at Mission Bay Park. May God continue to bless our church and our ministries.



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Our Address:  9888 Carroll Centre Rd, Suite 100, San Diego, CA 92126

Our phone number:  (858) 578-4000

Our email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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