Olive Tree Fellowship


Psalm 52:8

Olive Tree fellowship is a multi-cultural group, we have members from Taiwan and mainland China. Our members work in different industries and belong to different age groups. Due to our different backgrounds and life experiences, we have the opportunity to share our diverse spiritual lives with each other. We learn to love our LORD and our neighbors; we also learn to care for and support each other. Together, we form a big spiritual family in the body of Christ. Besides the regular Friday meetings, we also organize monthly home fellowships with potluck dinners.  Each family brings their best dish(es) to share. We sing worship songs, watch videos on bible and topics on our faith. We discuss and share our thoughts as well as encourage each other. We also pray for our church's ministries and salvation of our unbelieving friends and relatives. 

Our fellowship group also organizes regular walking and hiking activities. We build and strengthen our bodies and also deepen our relationships with each other.  We welcome you to join our fellowship group to experience the love of our LORD, Jesus Christ and renewing of our lives. 

Jeremiah 11:16

Fellowship Time: Every Friday at 7:45 pm

Meeting location: Glory Christian Church

Contact person: Kuang Fan

Phone number: (858) 538-9284

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.




Walk with God Daily Bible Reading Plan

Walk with God Daily Bible Reading Plan 

Our Baja California Trip  



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