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University Town Center Fellowship

Filled with God’s Love

University Town Center (UTC) Fellowship was established with God’s blessing and support of the Chinese Evangelical Church of San Diego (CEC) in February 1995. The UTC Fellowship was established to fulfill two goals: promote the spiritual growth of our fellowship member families and spread the gospel to the many scholars and visitors from Mainland China, most of whom lived in the UTC area. With God as our shepherd and instrumental support from Pastor Leon Chow, brothers Liang Tsai Lin, Charles Chien, Peter Li, and Alan Liu, the UTC Fellowship held its first meeting at the home of Guangcheng Jiang on February 18, 1995. Thereafter, it began semi-monthly meetings at the homes of the fellowship families.

Psalm 23:1 In spring 1998, there was a period of time when UTC Fellowship was without a home church and place to worship. Its members briefly attended some local churches on Sundays. During this difficult time, Brother Shaokang Li promptly opened his home for the fellowship to hold its regular semi-monthly meetings for about half a year. Our Lord also led Pastor and Mrs. Peter Wang to join UTC Fellowship. Pastor Wang shouldered the burden for keeping the fellowship together and leading the bible studies and discipleship training for the fellowship.

Psalm 23:2-3 Several months later, UTC Fellowship and another group of brothers and sisters that had also come out of CEC, moved with the grace and love of the Lord, came together and, after prolonged prayers seeking God’s will, came to the conclusion that both groups shared the same burden of spreading the gospel to those who most needed it. The two groups finally decided to establish Glory Christian Fellowship of San Diego, the predecessor of Glory Christian Church (GCCSD) in fall 1998.

For the past 10 years, UTC Fellowship has held monthly Bible studies on Saturdays in homes of the group’s families. Because there were always newcomers to the group who did not know God as their Savior, the group decided to focus its studies on the New Testament, particularly the books of Matthew, Mark, Luke, John and Acts. Our beloved pastors, Rev. William Dale and Rev. Gee Lowe, also constantly provided their spiritual guidance and encouragement to the UTC fellowship.

UTC Fellowship has been filled with God’s love. In addition to our regular Bible studies, we also have held special sessions on topics such as child education, Christian growth, etc. It has established a tradition of gift exchanges on Christmas Eve and celebrating New Year’s Eve. In addition, it has organized a number of camping trips, which have provided wonderful fellowship opportunities for families who were members and non-members of the group.

When the group was formed thirteen years ago, the oldest children in the families were just entering elementary school. Now some of these children are in college and most are teenagers. The number of children in the fellowship group has increased because most of the families had a second or third child, and some younger families who joined the group more recently also had children . We look forward to many more years of growth and fellowship in Christ Psalm 23:6.

Although all the original families in the group have either established homes outside of the UTC area or relocated to other parts of the country, the group’s name and goal to spread God’s message to newcomers from Mainland China remain unchanged. Even as we welcome new families into our felowship, we miss those who have relocated out of San Diego County: Jian Li/Lan Yang, Chunyang Peng/Yan Hei, Tongjian You/Xiaohong Yang, Chengzhi Zhang/Xiuying Sun, Shilin Hu/Xiaohan Hong,Gang Ren/Wenying Zhang, etc.


  • We are currently seeking a full-time English Pastor to lead our English congregation. If you are interested and wish to learn more, please see our English Pastor Job Description page. For further information, please contact our search committee chairman brother Paulus Lee by email.
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