Glory Christian Church of San Diego

Glory Christian Church of San Diego welcomes you. We are a bilingual (English and Chinese) community church, located in Miramar, San Diego. We emphasize biblical teachings, evangelism, as well as children, youth and college ministries. Come join us on Sunday mornings for worship and Bible studies. We look forward to fellowship with you and proclaiming our LORD and His Gospel to our community and beyond.

Our Purpose:

Being Transformed By the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Proclaiming His Gospel in Word and Deed


  • English worship service will move to 11:00 am starting October and will be held in the youth room (unless there is a joint service). The following is the schedule for English congregation:
10/14, 10/21, 10/2811:00Youth RoomPastor Ming
11/411:00SanctuaryPastor Lee
11/1111:00Youth RoomPastor Caleb Auyoung
11/1811:00Youth RoomPastor Tim Lo
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